Project Description

Skué Conservation

Skuë` (from the bribri, mouse) was born as an urgency to preserve our small mammals: mice and shrews. Which are highly threatened by lack of information and false popular beliefs. From the 107 species of non-flying terrestrial mammals in Costa Rica, half correspond to small mammals, and here we find most of our endemic mammals with 23 species (82%). Even so, these species are subject to social discredit, associating them with endless discomforts to human health and economy. However, in this group of organisms we find important ecosystem services including seed dispersal, pollination, insect population biological control, and small-medium carnivores’ food. Conservation efforts are usually directed towards larger species, since many of them may be more attractive to the general public, have larger home-ranges, which in turn may protect smaller species. Despite this benefit, small species are relegated to a secondary role and go unnoticed by the population. Skuë` aims to generate truthful information, employing scientific methods, which will help to best understand the ecology of these animals, aiming to give the place that our endemic fauna deserves. Through ecological surveys with well-elaborated study designs and information about the health status from these populations, it is our desire to inform and educate the Costa Rican society about these issues, with the main aim that our wildlife become recognized in the world. Therefore, getting rid of bad prejudices and false beliefs about these species.