Collaborate with local conservation initiatives and provide support to scientists to develop research, education, capacity development and public awareness in a multidisciplinary manner.

You will work together with experts in different areas, seeking solutions in a comprehensive manner, acquiring a unique experience that can be very useful for professional and personal growth all this while you discover the wonders that Costa Rica offers.

Nai Conservation led by a group of young professionals from diverse backgrounds who work on research and education projects to conserve tapir populations and their habitat in Costa Rica. He works in research and conservation programs to generate scientific information, train local communities, educate and raise public awareness about the tapir to ensure its long-term survival.

Project KABEK- Families PRO-QUETZAL Look for a more dynamic tourism to reactivate the economic one in Cerro de la Muerte and collaborate with families. The economy is one of the axes that stand out for the sustainability of these initiatives, in this way families return to nature what nature provides them by caring for their forest areas, planted and protect trees to generate nesting areas.

Conservation Skuë` was born as an urgency to preserve our small mammals, mice and shrews. Its objective is to generate truthful information, with scientific methods, that help to better understand and give it the place that our endemic fauna deserves, we want to inform and educate the Costa Rican population about these issues, to make known our unique fauna in the world and that the society adopts it. as such, get rid of bad prejudices and false beliefs about these species.