The year 2023 started full of action! Nai conservation team, together with the community of Bijagua. didn’t hesitate in putting on their boots, grab a shovel, and planted 150 endangered Jicaro Danto trees (Parmentiera valerii). All the trees were grown in our nursery. The impact of these tree planting sessions is becoming visible, with over 7500 mC under restoration. This is just the beginning!

We have a long way to go, as we start monitoring the tree’s survival success, and propagating many more on other areas within the Guanacaste Mountain range.

During this November, an exploratory field expedition searching for unreported populations of Jícaro Danto (Parmentiera valerii) was held in the community of Guacalito around the Miravalles Volcano. It was a success, they found the trees! Don Mauricio, a local farmer, did not hesitate to show us exactly where the Jicaro was inside his property.

“This discovery is very important since it’s an endangered endemic species of the Guanacaste Mountain Range. It broadens our knowledge of the number of existent populations throughout its distribution”

– Hazel Muñoz, forestry engineer, collaborator of the project.

Restoration trials of the Jícaro Danto Restoration project, started in over 7500 m2, here we will plant P. valerii in open areas with five other native forest species commonly found in regenerating forests.