Oncilla conservation gave an informative talk at the Mastatal School in Puriscal. The focus of the talk was on Costa Rica’s wild small cats, their natural history, the threats they face, and their crucial importance to the ecosystem. The event was well-attended and sparked a lot of interest among the kids.

“Sharing with children about wild animals is always very rewarding. The curiosity and the impression they get from questions that to us seem simple due to everyday life, reignites our curiosity, a fundamental principle of science and experimental design.”

Oncilla coordinator,

José Daniel Ramírez Fernández

On the Caribbean side, exciting news from Seacow Conservation! We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our education program, Club Manati, to local high schools in Barra del Colorado. This program’s aim is to create a generation of leaders who are passionate about protecting the manatee and their habitat. The Club Manati program includes interactive activities, games, and presentations that make learning about manatees a fun and engaging act.