A couple programs this month have given talks to communicate their work to key stakeholders. During Tlaloc’s trip to Braulio Carillo National Park, Juan Abarca gave a talk to the park rangers responsible for protecting the area on the natural history of Holdridge’s Toad. This allowed them to gain a better understanding of the species and how they can protect its reproduction sites. Later, a talk was also given for the general public to raise citizen awareness of the species and Tlaloc’s conservation efforts.


Oncilla Conservation engaged with the Monteverde community this month by giving a talk attended by both the general public and staff from the Tropical Science Center. Talks were also given at the Monteverde Creative School and the youth groups of the Reverde and Guazuma communities. These events allowed the program to connect with more than 50 people, who will hopefully be future advocates for Oncilla conservation in these communities.