Project Description

Kal Program

At the beginning of 2019, the Kàl (tree in the Bribri language) program was born out of concern for the growing deterioration of public green areas in urban areas, and therefore the effect on the quality of life of the inhabitants, and all other forms of life that seek to live together in the city. Anthropogenic global warming and excessive urban growth are two of some of the causes that have diminished the health of the ecosystems that sustain the current urban systems of the country. Our group intends to monitor and contribute to the strengthening of the ecological relations of the territory through the promotion of tree planting, the recovery of public space and environmental education at all ages.

The members of Kàl present a multidisciplinary group that includes the sciences of Forestry Engineering, Philosophy, Geography, Organic Agriculture, Administration and Law. With a holistic approach, Kàl seeks to address the challenges of biological corridors in a comprehensive and participatory manner, linking with social groups organized in communities, academia, and public and private institutions.

As of December 2019 we began to form part of the Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation to continue growing and improving with the collaboration that this foundation provides us.