With only a few weeks to go before the end of 2022, the team decided to take a shovel and follow up on the growth and adaptability of native and threatened trees in Tapir Valley to enrich the restoration process. “Going with my cousins to plant Jicaro Danto (Parmentiera valerii) and hearing all the questions they have about the importance of rescuing endangered species was one of the most rewarding moments of my work this month” Donald Varela-Soto, Jicaro Danto Restoration Project Coordinator. Nai Conservation’s Jicaro Danto Restoration Project seeks not only to conserve and rescue the populations of this endangered endemic tree of the Guanacaste Mountain range, but also to study the close relationship they have with tapirs.

Speaking of tapirs, we also had a nice visit from Dr. Michelle Oakley better known as Yukon Vet. Dr. Oakley along with her team from NatGeo Wild, joined our field work with Dr. Jorge Rojas in the recapture of the tapir “Guayabita”, to deepen a little more in the reproductive knowledge of the tapir in the wild. And guess what? “Guayabita” is pregnant again! Look for Guayabita and the rest of our collared tapirs’ moving patterns through the app Animal Tracker.