Club manatee in Barra del Colorado has continued to see excitement and commitment from the participating students. At the May meeting, 13 young boys and girls learned about making observations using the scientific method, and 18 adolescents learned about using technological tools for biodiversity monitoring. It has been very rewarding to see the same students returning for each meeting and showing interest these topics!

“Persisting in my work with communities has required a lot of patience and hope, but the outcomes are rewarding. The boys and girls of Barra del Colorado can’t wait for us to return for the next club meeting, and their enthusiasm and strong work ethic are inspiring”.

– Sofia Pastor Parajeles

For the first time in Barra del Colorado, with the local high-school students and professors, a citizen science project has been successfully initiated to increase the availability of biodiversity data in this region. Using iNaturalist, real-time biodiversity data is interactively visualized and explored. This initiative is improving the community’s understanding of local ecosystems and encouraging their active participation in data collection. The project positively impacts conservation and environmental awareness. The data collected helps to identify areas of high biodiversity and take measures for its protection. In addition, the platform has been integrated into the curriculum of local schools, generating practical environmental education and promoting conservation. Science and community participation can come together to protect biodiversity. This breakthrough brings us closer to conserving these valuable ecosystems, and we hope it inspires other communities to take action too.